Annual Plumbing Health Check

Inspection & Maintenance Service

Annual Plumbing Health Check

For landlords, property managers and private homeowners, keeping your property well maintained can help prevent minor, easily fixed problems from turning into serious issues, particularly when it comes to plumbing. 

Unchecked leaks can cause significant damage to both property and belongings and can be extremely expensive in terms of both repair costs and increasing water bills.  

To help you keep on top of the small stuff, AKL Plumbing has designed our Annual Plumbing Health Check. Once a year, one of our qualified plumbers will inspect key areas of your home to ensure your plumbing is in good working order and carry out minor repairs if required.

It costs less than most plumbers’ after-hours call-out fee and could save you a significant amount of money!

Our detailed inspection and maintenance service includes:

  • All taps tightened and fixed correctly to benches
  • Taps with washers are re-washered and serviced
  • Toilet cistern washers and valves checked over
  • Hot water system valves tested
  • Hot water system inspected for signs of any leaks or problems
  • Laundry plumbing checked, including that the washing machine waste hose is fitted correctly and that the water hoses are in good condition
  • Test of shower mixer and inspection of shower head and hoses
  • Cleaning out of all waste traps (showers, basins, kitchen sinks)
  • Test of waste disposer in your kitchen to make sure blades are free and there are no leaks
  • Inspection of the plumbing underneath the house to make sure it is leak-free and installed correctly to code
  • Testing of gully traps and making sure any grates cleaned of debris
  • Replacement or cleaning out of water filters in the house
  • Inspection of downpipes and spouting to make sure they are sound and leak-free
  • Water main test to check for any potential leaks

Only $280 +GST per year

We’ll provide a detailed report after the inspection, outlining any recommended repairs or replacements needed, and owner approval will be required before anything is replaced or fixed. 

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