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Whether you are renovating or adding a new kitchen, bathroom or laundry, AKL Plumbing and Gasfitting are your Master Plumbers and Gasfitters

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Hot water

Hot water systems are mostly reliable, but problems still happen. Of course, we install and fix any hot water systems but, more importantly, we know the ins and outs of the variety of systems on the market. For example, did you know that tank hot water systems are cheaper to install than tankless setups? But tankless systems are more efficient and on average have a longer life.


Real estate agents say the kitchen sells the house – well, that will certainly be true with kitchens we’ve worked on.

Not only that, but we also hear what the architect wants, what couples want – what all parties want – and sometimes those don’t mesh perfectly. Not a problem. You see, we’re not just great at working with our hands and brains, but we’ll sift through different ideas and come up with solutions that work for everyone.


The advertising jingle says your whites can be whiter than white – whatever that means! But with us doing the work, your laundry plumbing will be watertight and as reliable as grandad’s axe.

We’re not interested in selling you particular laundry systems or products – only what will work best for you. And whether you want a separate laundry or a compact, hidden setup, we’ll quickly and cleanly give you what you’re after.


Bathrooms used to be no more than functional spaces often tucked away in awkward corners. Not any more.

We know a myriad of ways to set up your bathrooms so they’re comfortable and stylish, places where you’ll be happy to linger – private spaces you can truly relax in when you’ve got some precious time.

and although some new or renovated bathrooms can soak up dollars, we can also help you achieve style with the economy when that’s what you’re after.


Even people need maintenance – some are even regarded as high maintenance. Our plumbing’s not, though. Still, all plumbing and gas systems, even ours, need a degree of regular maintenance. Certain fittings need regular checking to keep lines clear, while water pressure should be no more than needed – to avoid excess load and shortened life.

Some system items need more checks than others, and we’ll programme your maintenance so checks are done only when they’re likely to be needed, and you don’t pay for unnecessary, early inspections.

There’s much, much more to maintenance than that, and we cover it all. We manage the different demands of system quality, efficiency and value so your plumbing and gas systems keep performing year after year after year.

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