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Every morning in every major centre in New Zealand, thousands of people in apartments, hotels, hospitals and other institutions are showering at the same time.

That’s a huge load for hot water systems to deal with. But, if there gas hot water systems we’ve installed, they’ll cope.

The thing is, hot water installations in residences are straight forward, compared with commercial ones, because homes generally have standardised systems. In contrast, businesses vary hugely in size and hot water demand.

What happens if your restaurant bathrooms run out of hot water in the middle of your dinner rush? You’ll have some unimpressed customers. You need hot water, right now, or you risk health code violations and sub-standard service.

If you run, say, a hotel, we’ll sit down with you to graph the hot water pattern throughout the day, with the detail of not just when, but were in the building. And we’ll size your gas system so it’s both up to the job, and you won’t be wasting money paying for excess gas and heating.

Gas Heating – Indoor

If you are reading this in a work environment, you’re probably sitting comfortably in a temperature-controlled space. That’s because the first goal of modern heating systems for commercial settings is to maintain heating comfort at the smallest possible energy consumption.

That goal has led to a trend of low-temperature heat sources fuelled with gas.

Residential Gasfitters Auckland

We don’t intend to put the wind-up anyone, but facts are facts. A Northland landlord was sentenced to home detention in 2014 after illegally installing a gas cooker in his rental flat. His tenant later died in a fire caused by his faulty installation.

About the same time, a Mainlander got into trouble after installing a gas line to a cooker. The fitting leaked, leading to a build-up of gas in a cupboard, and an explosion that seriously hurt two people.

We do free home visits to advise you on your gas solutions, so call us, and stay safe. We supply and install Auckland-wide.

Gas water heater installation

A big advantage with gas water heating, compared with electricity, is the much quicker recovery time – from cool to hot – after high demand.

Gas offers a choice of two systems – with hot water tanks, or without. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. That’s why the first thing we’ll do is get a clear picture of your hot water requirements, so we can recommend the system that’s best for you. And we’ll outline why it’s best.

And if you want to take the chill off your swimming pool water, we’ll advise you how to best do that.

Gas heating – indoor and outdoor

Indoor gas heaters are broadly grouped as either portable (unflued) gas heaters or flued heaters. Within the two groups are half a dozen sub-groups, almost all available in LPG and natural gas versions.

You get the idea: You have a very wide choice. Don’t be daunted – once we’ve seen your home and outdoor entertaining space, and learned about how you like to relax, live, and what you want, we’ll advise you on the heaters that are right for you.

Note that indoor and outdoor gas heaters are safe – when used as intended. However, using an outdoor gas heater (or cooker) indoors is a potentially fatal idea.

Gas fire installation – indoor and outdoor

It’s hard to beat a crackling wood fire on a cold night – except for having to lug wood and clean out ash. However, a gas fire can come close to the cosy ambience of a fire, with none of the work and dirt.

There are a lot of technicalities involved in installing a gas fire so it’s safe and effective. Right from the start we’ll work with you to find out how it affects your space, its aesthetics, and how it works with household traffic flow. Then you’ll know where’s the best place to install it.

Gas cooking

Restaurants commonly use gas in their kitchens because of the fast heating, precise temperature control and centralised flame that evenly distributes heat.

Homeowners can have those same advantages.

You, or at least the person who does most of the cooking at your place, probably have pretty definite ideas about the cooker you want. We’ll go with that and discuss the requirements for connection, venting, and any other issues. Effective venting to outside minimises the cook’s exposure to potentially harmful components in the gas.

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